This loan has a 620 minimum Mortgage FICO Score.

When putting 3% down you get a reduced private mortgage insurance rate. For Incomes less than 80% Area Median Income  – Primary home only.

For incomes on loan application less than 50% of the area median income. – Primary home only. Get $2500 in closing cost assistance. 

For income on loan application less than 80% of the area median income. – Primary home only. Get $1250 in closing cost assistance.

With 20% down no mortgage insurance.  

For Duplex – 15% Down.

For Triplex and Quadplex – 25% Down.

Conventional Loans DPA (Down Payment Assistance).

*Available to buyers who’s qualifying income is 80% or less than the Area Median Income for the property address.   – 3% given to meet minimum down-payment requirement

*This Down-payment assistance is in the form of a subordinate soft second lien with a 0.00% interest rate. With a 5-year term, forgiven at month 61. Buyers(s) must remain current on their mortgage for the second mortgage to be forgiven.

*This may be combined with up to 3% seller concessions for prepaids and closing costs. 

*This loan Conventional Loan has a Minimum FICO of 620

*Verification of rental history for previous 12 months required.

*Must receive automated underwriting system approval.

*For property types Single family, Townhome or Manufactured Home. (with permanent backing on skirting required) eligible.

*Designed for Conventional First time home buyers and repeat buyers allowed.

*Credit Smart Online Consulting Course required. Login (freddiemaclearning.com)

*Additional financial standards apply. Must show buyers have met stability of employment and income. By managing their finances and savings to a budget that exhibits responsible repayment patterns and a satisfactory credit history.