Yes, Mortgage Brokers are the most highly educated loan officers that take annual continuing education for all loan types and programs.  

NMLS Number #1668138

No, you never pay a fee for our services.  We specialize in wholesale lenders that provide wholesale high volume pricing to us so you win!

With over 20 lenders, we can compare and/or change loan types with only 1 credit pull.  

By reviewing and discussing your long term financial goals, we will ensure that you’re in the right mortgage whether it’s your primary home, second home or income producing investment properties.   

Once you have submitted a mortgage application, we’ll promptly connect with you to review/confirm all the information listed the loan application by phone.  We’ll select best loan type and best lender, issue pre-qualification letter for your agent and shop for home. 

Yes, absolutely.  This is why you choose a mortgage broker with multiple lenders to make sure you get the best rate and price.