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Heloc is a Home Equity Line Of Credit. It can close fast, it is easy and no appraisal needed. Great way to tap into your homes equity without changing your current mortgage terms and conditions. It can later be payed off by a Refinance loan.This option allows you to withdraw the cash as and when you need it or not use it at all. A HELOC is often used as a backup strategy for example if you lose your job or need to pay off debt. Like a home equity loan, a HELOC can be used for anything you want. However, it’s best-suited for long-term, ongoing expenses like home renovations, medical bills or even college tuition.

5 Day HELOC:

Min score 640

Stand Alone HELOC – Primary Residence, Second Home or Investment (SFR, Townhome, Warranted Condo Only)

Funds available in as few as 5 days

No restrictions on use of cash out

Up to 80% combined loan to value

No standard appraisal

Standard HELOC

Primary and Second Homes – Single family, 2-4 unit, PUD and Warranted Condos

20 year term – First 10 years Interest Only – Years 11-20 Repaid in Full

Min FICO 640

Max Loan to value 85%

Max DTI 50%