Loan Options


Best of the Best Conventional Loan

We provide Platinum services for those with equity position and great credit.  Platinum pricing with premium service.  No escrow waiver fee!

HomeReady/HomePossible Advantage - 97% Financing (LTV)

At closing, up to $525 refunded to you to cancel out the cost of your appraisal. 

Statewide Jumbo Homes for Non-Jumbo Pricing!

90% LTV on a primary residence home up to purchase price of $755,000.  NO PMI and competitive rates.  80% LTV on second homes up to a purchase price of $849,000. Minimum FICO 680

ARM - 5/1, 7/1 and 10/1

Lower rates and better options for ARMs than in years past.  Save money in the short term! 


Fico score starting at 700 with incentives for 740+

Primary, secondary and investment property

Condos and Condotels

Options for every financeable project type available.  Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac approved condo projects or projects ineligible to be sold to Fannie/Freddie due to short term rentals, litigation, etc.  Condotels that have front desk service, maid service etc.  Call us to see what category your paradise is in!



FHA 96.5% Loan to Value - 580+ Credit

FHA Purchase/Cash out Refinance - Credit scores from 500-579; Current on time documented mortgage/rental history required for previous 12 months. 

Gift funds from immediate family members allowed for down-payment.  Sellers can pay up to 6% in closing costs.  

FHA 203k -Renovation Loan - 500+ Credit

Up to $35,000 for eligible repairs and improvements

FHA Steamline

No credit score used for qualifying, 1 30 day mortgage late acceptable in the last 7-12 months.  Great opportunity to refinance from a 30 to 15 year mortgage to reduce loan term.  Loan will not increase your current mortgage balance or payment by more than $50 if proved to be beneficial.  


Minimum score starting at 500+ with current documented mortgage/rental history over past 12 months 

Cash out refinances at 100% of home's value 

Sellers pay up to 4% in closing costs!

USDA - 550+ Credit

Two open and current credit lines that have reported for at least the last 12 months are required.  

Past 12 months of on time mortgage/rental history to be verified.

Our lender may allow payment arrangements or a 5% payment of balance as remediation for outstanding collections in place of complete payoff!

Subject to maximum annual income limits for all persons residing in household.

Sellers can pay up to 6% in closing costs! 


VA-FHA-USDA One time close construction home loans.

Get Pre-quilified.

Find or have a lot.

Pick your house plans.

Close one time.

Build your dream.

Move in.

The path to your bliss starts here.