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Laura Osborn

Mortgage Broker

Laura Osborn, CEO Mortgage Broker/Lender

The Mortgage Broker/Lender specialist Laura Osborn is the founder of Blissful Mortgage. Laura’s passion as the Mortgage Broker/Lender is to be the best Mortgage Lender Specialist helping buyers with home loans and investors with investment loans buy their dreams. With 18 yrs experience doing home loans and working with investors she specializes in providing real estate property loans to home buyers, investors, and small businesses investors, and small businesses. Laura has been a mortgage broker origination professional for over 18 years closing loans from start to finish. With a strong passion for seeing the prosperity of her clients with their home loans and investors through managing their chosen real estate. 


Expanding Blissful Mortgage Broker Lender Services

As the Mortgage Broker expanding Blissful Mortgage is one of the Brokers top goals. By increasing affordable home ownership in Florida for our residents along with keeping Florida a beautiful vacation destination with credit to our investors who believe in us.  She noticed that lack of available loan products were limiting the growth of our area.  Before Blissful Mortgage she met with so many great applicants that didn’t quite fit into that big regulated bank box therefore ending in heartbreak and delay.  Today she has built a top shelf business that Blissful Mortgage is a leader in. Now applicants have accessibility to a complete toolbox of 99% of the loan options available today to fulfill 99% of the vision our clients have. 

 Before being the Broker Laura spent almost her entire working life in the mortgage industry Laura has mastered the art of turning dreams into deeds.

Leisure Time  

Laura shares a simple life with her husband Scott.  On occasion she loves to relive her childhood highs of reeling in red snapper and grouper on the Gulf of Mexico or her new found love of catfish.  


Top 7 reasons to choose Laura as your Mortgage Broker/Lender Specialist


My career started in 2006 before licensing was even required for a loan officer.  My NMLS number is 17801, current NMLS numbers being generated are over 2.3 Million!  That’s a lot of loan officers cycled through the industry over the years.  I am present and growing.   

*Detailed Website! 

How frustrating is it to visit a lender’s website and it barely shows any loan programs/information?  Homebuyers need justification and proof that they can be confident that their loan officer has the plans, plans and more plans to navigate the process to closing!


Available by phone inside and outside of office hours by phone, email, chat, text, etc  Old school, new school style I’m here for you. 

*Smart phone app/web portal

1 go to management place.  Starts with shopping for the home, calculating payments, issuing pre-qualification letters based on specific payment numbers to uploading information, keeping track of current step in the process and your agent is included so no repeating your story about loan progress daily! 

*One stop shop for all your heart’s desire!  

We have the flexibility to stand by you no matter where your path leads you.  A duplex on the beach, a high rise condo for short term rental, or all to yourself manufactured home for weekend getaways no matter what you settle on, we cover them all with just one credit pull!  We pick the lender who specialized in your niche and competes to get you the best mortgage!


Sometimes too honest – People tell me that I always answer their questions directly no matter what.  Occasionally, clients realize that now is not “their time” to purchase but by having the tough conversations and leaving with hope and a plan for the future, we turn dreams into deeds no matter how long it takes!  It’s never too late to build wealth!

*Larger scale industry knowledge 

Because I have 20 active lenders with access to 200, I am a member of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts and independently licensed, access to real time industry health knowledge is part of my network.   Lenders go up and they go down; staff move around therefore knowing who to choose and when is a big part of keeping this process smooth!