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Laura Osborn


Laura Osborn, CEO

The Broker Laura Osborn is the founder of Blissful Mortgage. Providing real estate property loans to home buyers, investors, and small businesses. Laura has been a mortgage origination professional for over 16 years closing loans from start to finish. With a strong passion for seeing the prosperity of her clients through managing their chosen real estate. 


Expanding Blissful Mortgage is one of the Brokers top goals. By increasing affordable home ownership in Florida for our residents along with keeping Florida a beautiful vacation destination with credit to our investors who believe in us.  She noticed that lack of available loan products were limiting the growth of our area.  Before Blissful Mortgage she met with so many great applicants that didn’t quite fit into that big regulated bank box therefore ending in heartbreak and delay.  Today she has built a top shelve business that Blissful Mortgage is a leader in. Now applicants have accessibility to a complete toolbox of 99% of the loan options available today to fulfill 99% of the vision our clients have. 



Before being the Broker Laura spent almost her entire working life in the mortgage industry Laura has mastered the art of turning dreams into deeds.

Laura shares a simple life with her husband Scott.  On occasion she loves to relive her childhood highs of reeling in red snapper and grouper on the Gulf of Mexico or her new found love of catfish.